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What Others Say About Me

"Thank you soooooo much for everything!!!! Was so glad to have you!, you are the bestest... keep in touch! "     - Jane :)

"Jo was extremely helpful. She's thoughtful, she explained every procedure in great detail, and she was careful and patient in guiding me through each step. The effects have been dramatic! "- Bob

"Jo was very aware of my needs and has [a] compassion, kindness and joyful personality which has contributed for my recovery. It has been a pleasure to work with her!"- Pat Conley

"I was fortunate to have Jo Annyapu during my treatment with my back injury. She was recommended by a colleague and once we got started, I had no disappointments. she was knowledgeable about my injury and was very patient, clear and concise in her communication. She is also passionate about PT and I noticed great results after working with her. I never missed an appointment. Thank you!"  - Anonymous

"Jo was an amazing therapist to work with. As I played tennis, I had a tendency to accidentally twist my knee a bit and end up pulling a muscle or two. For at least two weeks, I ended up limping every where I went. Finally, when a friend recommended me to meet Jo, I was brought into a world of fitness. I am very thankful to meet someone as compassionate and kind as her. Thank you very much Jo!"- Alia

"I can't thank you enough for you ergonomic assessment at my work station. I made the necessary changes at work which has drastically changed my life. It has been an year now since I have experienced pain in my shoulders and my back that I had before. You have a great way of explaining minute details that are easy to miss at work."- A.G.

"I met Jo years ago. Although she was not by a long shot the first physical therapist I had seen, she was the first to earn my confidence and admiration, and she remains the best in my experience. Jo has consistently provided informed, excellent treatment, always with sincere support, and good humor. She is highly trained, extremely insightful, an excellent communicator, and she genuinely cares. Each time I have come to Jo with an injury, she has identified the reason, provided relief right away, and sent me home with a plan that worked. In addition to her scheduled work with me, Jo has more than once gone far out of her way to help me when I needed an outside referral. She responded right away, on her own time, and she found the best resource available. I don't love needing PT, but when my body breaks down, I'm going to Jo." - Christie